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EMC components

Through Linekey production process and unique material formula, we can provide a variety of EMC components, EMC filter devices, inductors, transformers, etc., which are widely used in communications, medical, computer, new energy, and industrial electronics. Field, to meet the needs of different application scenarios.

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Power inductance

We can provide high performance power/inductor products for different application requirements. For example, the power used for power supply includes laminated power inductors and integrated power inductors. The common signal inductors used for general signal lines include laminated body inductors and inductors of different types. High-frequency inductors for high-frequency circuits, including laminated high-frequency inductors and wound high-frequency inductors, are covered in product size.

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Linekey electric control transformer products include wound transformers and planar transformers, which are produced by fully automated production lines to well cope with the overall labor shortage. The product has excellent performance, meets the requirements of relevant standards, stable quality and good consistency, and meets the needs of customers with low defects. As switching power transformers and communication transformers, charging piles, switches, routers, set-top boxes, base stations, power adapters, etc. are widely used.

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RF devices

Linekey electronic control RF devices include wound RF inductors, laminated RF inductors and RF switches. rf inductance small size, wide range of value, high precision, using fully automated production, high efficiency, product quality and stability...

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