SMIC, Huawei, imec and Qualcomm work together to build a domestic advanced integrated circuit research and development platform.

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2023-12-21 21:10

On June 23, SMIC announced that it would jointly invest with Huawei, the Belgian Microelectronics Research Center (imec) and Qualcomm to establish SMIC International Integrated Circuit New Technology Research and Development (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. to develop the next generation of CMOS logic process, initially focusing on 14nm logic process research and development.

This cooperation highlights the country's strategic intention to expand and strengthen the semiconductor industry, and SMIC will undoubtedly be the biggest beneficiary. On the one hand, the world's leading IC design companies participate in joint research and development in the early stage of process finalization, which helps to shorten the product development cycle and share the research and development costs; on the other hand, SMIC has bound large customers such as Huawei and Qualcomm through cooperation. Huawei believes that this cooperation will benefit more operators, enterprises and consumer customers, as well as industrial chain partners. Qualcomm's participation in this cooperation is mainly due to the great opportunities of China's semiconductor industry, and hopes to participate more in the projects led by the Chinese government and enterprises to get rid of the "monopoly image" created before ".

From a global perspective, TSMC has now achieved from 28nm to 20nm, 16nm, close to 14nm process upgrade, after the rise of Samsung, directly from 28nm to 14nm process, while SMIC's mature manufacturing process is still 28nm. With the help of technical cooperation and capital means, the four companies have formed the ability to catch up at the key stage of nodes below 20 nanometers. While enhancing SMIC's own strength, it also promotes the development of China's integrated circuit industry. If mass production is achieved before the end of the year, it is expected to surpass TSMC and Liandian's mass production and enter the world's first technological army.

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