The temperature sensor successfully developed and produced in 2019 enters the BYD electric vehicle general platform

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2024-01-19 10:38

The company's independent research and development of "one-piece inductor", automotive capacitor applications are also very many, capacitor filtering, absorption and resonance in the vehicle everywhere. From the perspective of the entire vehicle, the capacitance of the car not only enhances the performance of the car, but also helps to ensure the service life of the car. At present, the most popular MLCC and DC film capacitors are all capacitors with a large amount of new energy vehicles. On OBC alone, the amount of DC film capacitors is already large, from EMI filter capacitors to PFC capacitors, to DC-link capacitors, to LLC resonant stage capacitors, and finally to output capacitors. These thin film capacitors build a safe and stable OBC module by virtue of their strong overvoltage resistance and good high frequency characteristics.

MLCC Needless to say, in the trend of new energy vehicles C.A.S.E., high-quality MLCC is a very tight passive device. The corresponding technical threshold is also very high. Even if it is the same size and capacity as non-vehicle regulations, vehicle-mounted MLCC also needs more advanced technology and strict production system to ensure a service life of more than 20 years. Vehicle-mounted high reliability MLCC has large capacitance value and low ESL, including soft terminal capacitor, bracket capacitor and three terminal capacitor. From ADAS to various control systems, from positioning modules to battery management modules, you can see its applications.
In addition to resistance and capacitance, the application of inductors in new energy vehicles is also constantly promoting the continuous breakthrough of inductors in the process innovation ability and magnetic powder formula to seek better characteristics. For example, power inductors, any BOOST circuit and BUCK circuit in automotive electronic equipment cannot do without this inductor to improve link characteristics. New energy vehicles require circuits to provide more stable power in a wider temperature range, so power inductors must be innovated in magnetic flux leakage and saturation characteristics.

The integrated molding of inductors now has a high coverage rate. In the future, more power inductors will adopt integrated molding technology. The demand for automotive electronics has also promoted the improvement of integrated molding coverage to a certain extent. Integrated molding can be used in high frequency and high temperature environments. Maintain excellent temperature rise current and saturation current characteristics. In order to fit the development of new energy vehicles, passive components are constantly improving the process and exploring materials to seek breakthroughs to achieve higher performance under the premise of sufficient reliability.

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